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International Chemical Industry Registered since 1996 by a Lithuania is a leading supplier of SSD chemical solution products in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and other continents around the world. We are high-quality manufacturers, specify systematically and globally distribute specialty chemicals. SSD CHEMICAL PRO LAB is globally known to be well equipped and have the technical know how to clean anti breeze bank notes (BLACK DOLLARS) with SSD Chemical Solution, Activation powder, mercury powder, Defaced currency and other different SSD chemicals for Darkened currencies, Black dollars, Cleaning black money, SSD Chemical Solution automatic black dollar notes, black coated notes or money, Activating Powder cleaning Black money chemicals. Besides, all our SSD chemicals are sold with manual guides that provide clear information and instructions on how to use the SSD chemical solution to perform the black money cleaning for those people that do not need our technician’s assistant to clean black money. Defaced Black Money Cleaning Machine is also available for HUGE AMOUNTS. We are the major SSD Chemical Solution manufacturers in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and SSD Chemical Solution chemical suppliers many different country .We have in stock, SSD Chemical Solution for sale and our SSD Chemical Solution price to our customers is based on company rate. Hence, our technicians are highly qualified and are always ready to handle the black money cleaning 99% perfectly with SSD Chemical Solution. They also give tutorials and manuals on how to clean black dollars to some anti-breeze customers online. Our SSD Chemical Solution price is affordable and our SSD Chemical and OUR SSD Chemical Solution America, Europe, Africa, Asia and many other continents are 99-100% pure. SSD Chemicals Group Ltd. is an ISO-9001 2008 certified institute for chemical laboratory. New York #1 chemical production and laboratory service company for cleaning black dollars, defaced currencies and bills security restoration.

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Our Achievements

International Chemical Industry SSD and Defacing Chemical Company Inc. is a multi-program international company operated by worldwide Science Associates for the Lithuaniay. Department of Currency (SADOC).This company which has its origin from Lithuaniay has a staff of approximately 190 scientists, engineers, technicians and reliable support staff and over 220 guest researchers annually. Our company staffs are available to train researchers to conduct systematic effective fieldwork. Our main target is to execute projects from inception to completion to a very high standard that is comparable with other countries in the world and to the ultimate satisfaction of our clients both Local and Foreign.

Our Vision

Maintaining our esteemed better name and dignity in our business environment and customer satisfaction. Our vision is to ensure that all our clients are happy with our products and services. And would always refer our company to potential clients. Our focus aim and goal is to be the world leading premier high-value and high-security chemicals producers and distributors in the all worldwide and offering our services to everyone who knocks at our doorstep for an appropriate solution. Our International Chemical Industry's so uniquely positioned to consistently provide high-value products solutions and the world - Changing chemicals and services to our clients. TRY OUR RELIABLE PRODUCTS AND DETECT A DIFFERENCE TODAY

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