SSD chemical manufacturers


SSD chemical manufacturers

We are SSD Chemical manufacturer; we are situated in New York City, NK. We believe in quality chemicals and we meet the expectations of our clients, with a second day return policy on a lifetime quality guarantee. Show us our competition, we show you what quality is our Motto has always been “there is no Substitute for best quality”.
We Serve the following industries safety and security and financial industries, as our company is still growing we do cater for individuals and small scale companies please specially note that some products needs special licensing defaced money or black Coated Money (black Dollar).
We also specialize in the sourcing and supply of an extensive portfolio of specialty and general SSD solution chemicals used in a diverse range of industry applications such as carrying out financial monetary washing and cleaning transaction in the quickest and beneficial way. With a great global warehouse network, we can guarantee minimum lead times and reliable delivery. We have experienced and dedicated technicians that can offer a wealth of knowledge, advice and support to assist you in making the right decisions about your stain, brown or black defaced currencies.

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